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Welcome to the home of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles. Our purpose is to promote the growing cadre of Chinese American businesses across Southern California, in addition to serving the interests of the region’s broader business community.

The contributions of Chinese American businesses to the local economy are not just vital, they are fundamental. Case in point: there are currently about 160,000 Asian American businesses in the greater Los Angeles basin. Together, these firms employ more than 440,000 people and generate $70 billion in taxable revenues—not an insubstantial economic force. Significantly, Chinese American businesses represent the highest proportion of these enterprises.

Moreover, Chinese American business owners are playing an increasingly key role in Los Angeles beyond just that of employers. More and more, they are assuming prominent positions as corporate innovators, creative pioneers, and civic leaders as well. You don’t need a fortune teller to see that Chinese American entrepreneurs will have a considerable role in shaping the future of Los Angeles —particularly as a key hub of the Pacific Rim.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles is committed to ensuring that the interests of this important business segment are sufficiently addressed and properly acknowledged in the public square. Furthermore, it is the commitment of this organization to celebrate the rich heritage and cultural roots of where this business community comes from.

Whether you are Chinese or not, if you share our vision, we welcome your involvement and participation.


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